Intercessory Prayer Team

Gathers for prayer prior to every service/session; this team is comprised of the Intercessory Prayer teams from all churches within the Conference.


Music Ministry

Provides music for all services; music ministry members from all churches within the conference.


Parking Team

Directs traffic during all services; ensures delegates experience on the outer campus area is a pleasant one.


Public Relations

Develops and circulates all communications to the public regarding the Summit. NOTE: All publications must be approved by Headquarters before circulation.



During the Conference the volunteers will assist the Conference Overseer with the following: Inform participants of their assigned seating arrangements, Monitor flow of worship service and be prepared to assist where necessary, Any duties assigned by the Office of Protocol


Registration Team

During the Conference will assists delegates in the Registration process; issues conference materials during the Conference. Provide information to delegates concerning their registration or other questions with the assistance of the Registration Team Lead. Directs traffic in Registration area when needed. Will help prepare conference packets, information, input (data entry) & prepare registration bags.



Drives designated vehicles to transport all guests. Must have Drivers License and approved background check. 



Perform regular Usher Ministry duties with special attention to the distribution and collection of conference related material; at close of each service check seating areas for trash and other items.


Youth Workers

Oversee and interact with Youth during all events. Maintain order during all Youth services/events.

       Volunteer Today for the Year of 2019. Your Participation is needed.....

What is a GGN Volunteer?


It is special group of committed individuals of Gidron Global Network of Believers, who have pledged to stand with the GGN as it reaches out with life-changing truth via the ministry of volunteering during GGN International Faith Alive Conference – our annual gatherings.


We encourage all who desire to volunteer, Please complete the form below and review the volunteer duties. We ask that each volunteer serves at least 3 hours each day of the conference although some areas will require more time commitments. Please mark your calendars to attend our Mass Volunteer Meeting on the very first Night of the International Conference.....all registered Volunteers will be notified of Time and Location... 

Altar Workers

Receives potential new members and persons desiring prayer. Elders and Ministers from Ministerial Alliance Team from churches within International Conference.


Campus Monitors/Security

Monitor campus and hallways at all times; must know lay out of campus and knowledgeable of event schedule.


Church FIT Int’l Team

Handles all medical situations; Preference is for individuals to be certified medical professionals and First Air certified. This team is needed to be staffed during the entire Conference.


Classroom & Hall Monitors

Assist the facilitators of the class. During the conference must be knowledgeable of the entire campus. Able to give directions to conference delegates, assist all facilitators with handouts, and record sessions.


Decoration Team

Develops and sets up the décor for the event. Will ensure all conference locations are properly decorated.


Evangelism Team

Evangelizes/Witnesses to the public regarding the Conference; will be comprised of all Evangelism and Ministerial Alliance Team within the Conference.



Ensures all areas of conference location are set up for appropriate session; and ensures the Conference location is left decently and in order after all sessions/services. Help with closure-equipment/material removal clean-up.



Ensures that every person entering the conference is greeted and; that visitors are offered assistance so that everyone feels welcomed


Guest/Welcome Team

Offers exceptional customer service to all delegates; ensures that all who attends the conference have an extremely pleasant experience.


Hospitality Team

Serves our guests, attendees and speakers; these individuals should have welcoming and pleasant personalities.

role responsibilities