Lincoln's Hope Memorial Shelter Foundation


My Name is Carey Gidron and I am a committed to serving the Homeless community in the city of Chicago. It is my true heart desire to build a shelter that will house whole families: Father, Mother and children. A few years back, my family and I once stood at the threshold of nearly being homeless back in 2014.


I’m a living testimony that this experience should not happen to anyone. It is one of the worst experiences you can ever imagine as a man, let alone as a human being.

Our Goals and Intent


  1. Open up a New a shelter in Chicago that will provide 30 beds for the whole family that's homeless.
  2. Purchase a building that is suitable and conducive to the vision and goal. 
  3. Provide 6months to one year of sheltering for these families while at the same time providing life supportive services  and intensive training which includes but not limited to:

Why is this Important?


By opening this Homeless shelter we will provide habitation to homeless indivduals and their families within our city. According to recent survey, Chicago alone has over 140,000 homeless people. The existence of this new shelter gives protection to the homeless against bad weather and living conditions. Helping us open the Lincolns Hope Memorial Homeless Shelter you are helping people who are in the need of a home and a new start. This shelter wil be named in honor of the late Dr. Lincolns Scott, who dedicated his life to helping the Homeless in Chicago. Thank you for your support.

Thank You:


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and the depths of our soul we're doing everything we can to  bring it to pass and put a end to this great epidemic and  tragedy that plagues the city of Chicago...thank you




Pastor Carey Gidron, Sr.

Phone: 773-749-7606 | |

  • Implement a daily two hour in-depth classroom instruction and practical hands-on experience job search program and workplace skills such as problem solving, decision making and teamwork.
  • Provide overnight temporary sheltering for 50+ individuals on a first come first serve basis.

Other Funds Usage / Final Plead:


These funds will also be utilized to provide porta-potties on site at many of the tent city and Homeless locations as well as the purchase of many other accessories that’s needed to help them through such trying times. No donation is too small...Every amount counts! We must ask that you reach into your heart, your soul and help us. Help these individuals, especially during such cold and bitter temperatures. There are children, babies and full families that lives in some of these tents under the city viaducts. We realize that this is a long-term goal and it will not happen overnight, but with your contributions and donations it can happen and it will happen.

Your support to help the homeless is greatly appreciated