Carey L. Gidron ll was born December 25, 2002 to Evangelist D Michelle Gidron, and Prophet Carey Gidron l he is the oldest of 4 children. CJ found his call to ministry at the age 10 on March 29, 2013 when he preached his first message at his father’s Good Friday Service along with several other teachers of the gospel. CJ works in the five fold ministry as a teacher of God’s word.


CJ has been blessed to speak at- St. James COGIC, First Pentecostal Church of God, JB Wheeler District COGIC, Faith Alive Youth Conference, and a large host of events.


CJ has been blessed to act in several stage play productions, and is also in the process of writing a television script. CJ has also founded the Faith Alive Youth Conference and Faith Alive Mass Choir with Co-Founders Elder Sharon Jett, and Brother Sidney Buckner.


November 2016 CJ Gidron was elected president of his school chapter of the National Junior Honors Society (NJHS) with a current GPA of 3.82.


CJ teaches a motto “Pain and Bondage is temporarily, but Healing and Freedom is Forever”. So what CJ is saying the pain, agony, and defeat that you’re feeling is a temporarily state. That has to happen in order to bring you to your healing, and freedom that will last a lifetime.