Gidron Global International Network of Believers is a rapidly growing network for the believer around world, impacting ministries and individual believers around the world. Founded in 2017, GGN values every network partner. We hold the Bible as the unchangeable word of God. We are a group of believers from a multiplicity of both spiritual, natural and business backgrounds with Jesus Christ as our focus and experiencing the glory of God as our goal.  Leading a life that comes through faith with Jesus Christ, GGN puts great emphasis on spreading God’s love and compassion to a hurting world and exposing the strength that comes fr om unity and diversity; shattering the glass ceiling of denomination barriers around the world… we are NOT a denomination, reformation or organization we ARE a Network of Believers.



What We Do

Create kingdom network and partnership among believers of all age groups from around the world. Making a real difference in real people in real places with the real love of Jesus Christ as we pursue reaching people with new life in faith, and then to help them grow deeper in Christ. We realize It is a lifelong journey of faith, but we are committed to building healthy believers, and provide support to great or small churches, much like the Apostles did in the New Testament. We believe the local church is God’s basic strategy to carry out mission in the world. 



We are committed to all ministries and leaders, all though we embrace all five-fold ministry gifts in GGN; titles are not as important as the individual and investing in their continued personal and professional growth. We believe in creating very real opportunities via multiple venues, we seek to develop – both clergy and lay.


Global Impact

We are committed to a global gospel – spreading the whole gospel to the world, through global partnerships and kinship.